StormTek is a privately owned company based in Southern California.  StormTek provides a simple, yet innovative storm water quality solution for municipal, commercial and industrial markets.  Our StormTek device features high pollutant removal efficiencies, simple installation, ease of operation & maintenance at a significantly lower cost relative to other types of ‘larger’ BMP’s (Best Management Practices) in the storm water treatment industry.

Our product line includes the StormTek connector pipe screen (cps) models ST3 and ST3-G.  Both are designed to meet specific customer preferences and site conditions.  In addition, we custom fabricate our units to meet special end-user requirements and specifications.  Our services include design, fabrication, and installation of the StormTek catch basin insert.  Our patented StormTek catch basin inserts have been used successfully throughout cities in Southern & Northern California for numerous public & private clean water projects.  Please contact us for pictures and information on projects we have completed for the 2007 to 2015 rain seasons.  Information & model specifications for StormTek ST3 and ST3-G models is available upon request.  Original patent application for the StormTek device was filed in 2004.  StormTek is considered a ‘higher end’ connector pipe screen/catch basin insert among our client base because of it’s design, strength & durability.

MISSION STATEMENT:  StormTek is dedicated to the improvement of global water quality.  Our efforts began in the State of California and continue nationwide.  Our initiatives for clean coastlines are dedicated to our generation and many more to come.



StormTek Design

The StormTek Catch Basin Insert was designed with the goal of maximizing trash capture within the catch basin before it can be discharged into receiving watersheds. The StormTek catch basin insert is a unique product with many benefits not realized with other devices.  These benefits include the following:

Retains trash inside the catch basin while allowing storm water and urban runoff to continue into the storm drain system

Unique design maximizes the trash storage capacity within the catch basin / storm drain.

Most inserts utilize a very small portion of the catch basin’s available storage capacity.

The StormTek connector pipe screen maximizes use of up to 90% of the available storage capacity

Allows for easy and quick installation

Prevents flooding of the catch basin during large rain events by providing overflow

Unique grating design allows it to retain large floatables within the catch basin during large storm overflows

Allows for easy operation and maintenance

Size of StormTek insert does not depend on size of catch basin, thereby drastically reducing capital cost

Can be completely removed from the catch basin / storm drain wall in seconds

Full capture certified by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, August, 2007

Patent pending design, removable for maintenance purposes

StormTek connector pipe screen



When an agency engages StormTek for a retrofit with a trash capture device, the first step of the due diligence process is to visit prospective retrofit location(s) and determine catch basin/storm drain dimensions.  Once the direction of the drainage within the storm drain vault is determined, we look at the outlet pipe and proceed in establishing the required specs for a StormTek device to fit over the proposed outlet pipe.  The next step is manufacturing of the StormTek device & subsequent installation.  See the ‘installation’ icon shown below.  The mounting frame is permanently fixed to the catch basin wall then the StormTek device is placed on the mounting frame with pins that allow vertical removal with an upward motion ‘pull’.  This is facilitated by a ‘handle’ feature that has been incorporated to assist with simple maintenance.

The StormTek catch basin insert has received much notoriety and industry accolades from various public works maintenance staffs & agencies when it comes to simple & efficient maintenance.  Further, the StormTek screen is one of THE most structurally sound for durability, quality and resistance to strong cubic feet per second (CFS) water flows.  Retrofits as early as 2007 in the city of San Jose have shown how durable the StormTek design is.   We encourage you to visit the ‘CLIENT PORTFOLIO’ tab and pick a city with a StormTek retrofit.  We can gladly provide you with that agencies’ contact information for a testimonial of how effective our StormTek connector pipe screen really is.  If your city or agency is looking for a full capture solution to mitigate trash in storm drains, call us today and arrange for a test retrofit of StormTek.








Cities with StormTek retrofit:


StormTek CPS


City of Cupertino

City of Hayward

County of San Diego

City of Los Angeles

City of San Jose

City of Sunnyvale

City/County of Ventura

City of Alhambra

City of Camarillo

City of Pico Rivera

City of Anaheim

Atlantic County,  NJ

City of Torrance

City of Oakland

City/County of Alameda

City of Simi Valley

City of Malibu,  Legacy Park

City of Malibu,  Paradise Cove

State of Hawaii, Dept. of Transportation

City of Saratoga,  West Valley Clean Water Program

City of Monte Sereno,  West Valley Clean Water Program

City of Los Gatos,  West Valley Clean Water Program

City of Campbell,  West Valley Clean Water Program

City of American Canyon

City/County of Santa Clara

City of Ojai

City of Livermore







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